Ning Wang 王宁

I am currently a Ph.D. student at Wuhan University Sigma Group, supervised by Prof. Lefei Zhang. My interests include image processing, computer vision, and deep learning.

Now, I am working on 3D scene editing with Prof. Angel Chang in GrUVi Lab at Simon Fraser University as a visiting student.

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  • 02/2023 - Visiting PhD student at GrUVi Lab.


GT-MUST: Gated Try-on by Learning the Mannequin-Specific Transformation

Ning Wang, Jing Zhang, Lefei Zhang, Dacheng Tao
ACM MM, 2022
code / PDF

Learning to solve a much easier “take-off” task to obtain the mannequin-specific information than the common “try-on” task.

Dynamic selection network for image inpainting

Ning Wang, Yipeng Zhang, Lefei Zhang
TIP, 2021
code / PDF

Using a dynamic selection mechanism that helps utilize valid pixels better.

Recurrent Feature Reasoning for Image Inpainting

Jingyuan Li, Ning Wang, Lefei Zhang, Bo Du, Dacheng Tao
CVPR, 2020
code / PDF / arXiv

Recurrently infer the hole boundaries of the convolutional feature maps and then use them as clues for further inference.

Multistage Attention Network for Image Inpainting

Ning Wang, Sihan Ma, Jingyuan Li, Yipeng Zhang, Lefei Zhang
Pattern Recognition, 2020
code / PDF

Performing the multi-scale idea for irregular mask regions by adding cascaded pixel-wise attention.

MUSICAL: Multi-Scale Image Contextual Attention Learning for Inpainting

Ning Wang, Jingyuan Li, Lefei Zhang, Bo Du
IJCAI, 2019
code / PDF

Using a multi-scale image contextual attention learning strategy to flexibly handle richer background information

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